About Iron Art

Iron Art LLC was formed in 2012 as a marketing and graphic design company after Brian Kennedy returned from being deployed to Afghanistan with the New York Army National Guard. Iron Art’s goal is to produce fine art that directly helps Veterans and brings attention to Veteran issues. Proceeds from sales of Iron Art pieces go to help Veterans groups like the Warrior Salute program and other local Veteran outreach programs.

The navigational compass in Iron Art’s logo represents being able to move in any direction and to experiment and work on any project without constraints. The drawing compass represents controlled spontaneity. This compass ensures everything is in the right place while still being unique and different.

About Brian Kennedy

Brian Kennedy of Iron ArtSergeant Brian Kennedy is CEO of Iron Art LLC and serves in the New York Army National Guard. Brian is a also a Veteran who served in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. While deployed, he painted a mural of his New York Division patch on a concrete blast wall, along with different Company crests and other murals to remind the soldiers of home. He is now in the 222 Military Police Company based in Rochester, New York and hopes to continue his passion for artwork through the local art culture of Upstate New York.

Brian has natural artistic talent that began when he was 10 years old. His abilities grew as he got older and experimented with multiple mediums. He took a handful of classes at the college level and professors were so impressed by his work that they even saw career potential in his artistic gift. From an artist perspective, Brian interprets color and scale as right angles. He works with oil paint, acrylic paint, pencil, charcoal, oil pastels, and Photoshop. Brian continues an interest in fusing traditional drawing and painting with digital photography, mixing the teachings of the old masters with the technology of the twenty-first century. His desire to mix mediums and textures continues to grow. Ultimately, Brian’s goal is to connect his audience with objects and things they can relate to by using his interpretation of color and scale.